25 Most Popular Flash Sale Sites 2018 (Listed In Popularity)

by John Gudzius Last updated April 18, 2018
Flash Sale Sites

I believe that flash sale sites are among the best advantages brought by internet – the connection to all the best deals as the happen all around the world.

As an online shopper, I find the sites as an efficient shopping method that offers me amazing discounts for the best quality products. It also helps me choose the best products from a wider range of choices, especially when it comes to issues such as design and elegance with relation to their prices.

The following are the most popular flash sale sites listed in popularity according to www.semrush.com.


1. Groupon

Visitors per Month: 37,600,000

Specializing in: Deals in a variety of products as posted by merchants around the world, with product categories including: Baby, Kids and toys, Collectibles, Electronics, Entertainment, For the Home. Grocery, Household and pets, Health and beauty, Jewelry and watches, Men’s fashion, Sports and outdoors and Women’s Fashion.

Groupon Flash Sale

About: Groupon is an American Flash sale site that started in 2008. Currently, Groupon is the world’s most popular flash sale site. Groupon operates as a middleman that connects customers to local merchants. With Groupon discount rates as high as 60% and presence in hundreds of cities around the world; it is easy to understand why it has such a large number of users. I would recommend this flash sale site as it provides a large variety to choose from.

Shop Groupon


2. Zulily

Visitors per month: 3,000,000

Specializing in: Deals in clothing, footwear and accessories for all, categorized in family members, including, Moms, Babies, Men and Kids.

Zulily Flash Sale

About: I know many readers already know about Zulily. This flash sale site deals in home products, toys and clothing. Zulily flash sales are ideal for families as they provide products in categories of each member of a family. It was started in 2009 in the USA but has expanded to Europe as well. I like zulily’s categorizing method which makes shopping for the family easier, cheaper and faster.

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3. Gilt

Visitors per month:  777,000

Specializing in: Deals in trendy fashion designs of apparels and accessories for Women, Men, Kids as well as services such as Tour and Travel.

GILT Flash Sale

About: This is a site that I like for its extent of deals which include services. This flash sale site will connect you to a variety of designs, whether clothing or home products. I also enjoy the offers that come with travel services offered. I find convenient for tourists in a city as you can do shopping and find beautiful places and experiences with amazing discounts, up to 70% off.

Shop Gilt


4. Joss and Main

Visitors per month: 712,000

Specializes in: Home design.

Joss and Main Flash Sale

About: I recommend Joss and Main for any person moving to furnish or design a home, office or any building. This flash sale site is much like Zulily, only difference is that it specializes in housing products. The flash sale site also allows the customer to shop using rooms as categories. It helps you find the list of items you are searching for every room.

Shop Joss and Main


5. Woot

Visitors per month: 450,000

Specializes in: Home design, electronics, fashion and sporting gear.

Woot Flash Sale

About: Woot is a flash sale site that began business in 2004, offering 1 deal per day. However, now the daily deals have been increased to be as many as possible. With a wide variety of products to choose from, I like visiting this site regularly to see just what deals may be going on. More often than not, I find some great offers in items I needed but did not plan on buying.

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6. Hautelook

Visitors per month: 400,000

Specializes in: Fashion products for Women, Men, Kids and also Home products and Beauty.

Hautelook Flash Sale

About: I recommend Hautelook for customers looking for denim, aficionados and stylish shoes. It is an amazing site for fanatics of unique designs as the site has numerous discount offers. This site has a daily flow of new flash sale events for each category, with great discounts on the products. There are great offers given, with free shipping to various destinations at limited times. Hautelook’s flash sale events begin at 8a.m. pacific time.

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7. One Kings Lane

Visitors per month: 385,000

Specializes in: Home décor and design products.

One Kings Lane Flash Sale

About: This site is ideal for shopping for all your home products. It has different sets of categorizations to help you navigate easily. For instance, you can search for a category in a specific price range. There are recommendations for affordable items available as well. There are also numerous options in the styles, rooms and brands categories, which help find items you want fast and easily.

Shop One Kings Lane


8. Rue la la

Visitors per month: 247,000

Specializes in: Deals in fashion products for men and women as well as providing travel advisory services.

Rue la la Flash Sale

About: Rue la la is one of the most popular flash sale sites in the fashion and design industry. It is popular especially among users with a keen eye on the brands that they buy. It is a flash sale site that serves members only, hence, one must register before accessing any content. The site also offer travel services at special prices.

Shop Rue la la


9. Jane

Visitors per month: 203,000

Specializes in: Deals in fashion items such as clothing and accessories as well as home decor.

Jane Flash Sale

About: Jane.com is a site that connects boutiques to buyers. The site allows sellers to sign up and showcase their products. Chosen items ore placed on offer with great discounts. This flash sale site performs extensive check on the sellers to ensure that the customers are not defrauded. With competitive prices and regular deals, it is a great flash sale site for shopping.

Shop Jane


10. Jackthreads

Visitors per month: 167,000

Specializes in: Deals in fashion trends for men’s clothing and accessories.

Jackthreads Flash Sale

About: Jackthreads.com is a men’s fashion site that offers flash sales on a variety of fashion items. If you are a man looking to try out new designs from up-and-coming designers, this flash sale site is right for you. It has subcategories for each of the above listed categories that makes it easy to navigate.

Shop Jackthreads


11. Steep & Cheap

Visitors per month: 166,000

Specializes in: Gear and materials for outdoor activity such as camping, rock climbing and others.

Whisky Militia Flash Sale

About: This is the site with all the deals to help you when planning for an outdoor activity. There are numerous outdoor gear and apparel with random deep discounts on the items. It is a site I keep watch on when planning to go camping so that I can spot the current steal offers that last just minutes. It is an easy site to use and has a wide variety of products.

Shop Steep & Cheap


12. Jetsetter

Visitors per month: 144,000

Specializes in: Tourist Destinations.

Jetsetter Flash Sale

About: This site offers flash sale deals on vacation destinations on a daily basis. It is my personal travel companion, with detailed holiday plans, from destinations, experiences and sites to visit in a particular destination and the budget for your plans. This vocational flash sale site is the ideal travel companion. Using information from many correspondents and journalists, the site is able to offer advice on where to travel.

Shop Jetsetter


13. The Clymb

Visitors per month: 127,000

Specializes in: Deals in sporting gear, apparels and other materials such as camping gear.

The climb Flash Sale

About: The Clymb partners with destinations around the world and offers deep discounts for its member’s visits. The site also employs professionals to record stories of adventures from around the world through photography and writing to inspire. Outdoor gears are placed on flash sale offers everyday as well to cater for customer needs.

Shop The Clymb


14. Touch of Modern

Visitors per month: 85,000

Specializes in: Men’s products such as shoes, apparel and also deals in tech gadgets, art and home products.

Touch of Modern Flash Sale

About: The Touch of Modern is a flash sale site for men’s fashion pieces. It is a members’ only site that offers a variety of classic designs for men’s items. The flash sale site offers members with deep discounts of selected items. Additionally, I find this site exceptional in the variety of designs and products that it provides for men, extending to home decors that men would like.

Shop Touch of Modern

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15. Groopdealz

Visitors per month: 63,400

Specializes in: Deals for clothes, jewelry and home decor.

Groopdealz Flash Sale

About: This flash sale site connects designers to customers through membership. From home products designs to trendy fashion designs, this flash sale site has it all with amazing deals. A look at the website’s reviews however reveals discontent among users with most vendors complaining of non-payment and buyers being defrauded of refunds.

Shop Groopdealz

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16. Fab

Visitors per month: 49,200

Specializes in: Deals in a variety of products including Art, Home products, tech and fashion and beauty products.

Fab Flash Sale

About: This site serves the art lovers looking for exquisite designs on different pieces. I find this site as one with some of the most unique items. Fab.com website is simple to navigate, with departments that guide customers to different categories to choose from. These categories range from furniture, jewelry, accessories, toys and even services such as photography.

Shop Fab



Visitors per month: 46,700

Specializes in: Deals in sale of fashion wear from renowned brands for women and men.

PLNDR Flash Sale

About: PLNDR is the site that offers street wear from big brands in the fashion industry such as Adidas, 10 Deep, Street Vault and many others.  Serving members only, the site offers time-limited offers with deep discounts of up to 80% on items. I find this a useful site for original brands in fashion at great prices.



18. Beyond the rack

Visitors per month: 44,600

Specializes in: Deals in sale of designer apparel and accessories to a wide customer base. It’s categories of sale are men, women, kids/maternity, home and curvy closet.

Beyond the rack Flash Sale

About: Beyond the rack is a private shopping site that offers time-limited flash-sales on authentic apparel and accessories. This site is strict on the number of people that join, hence control new entries to crowding. All items posted here are on great deals and are unavailable on the site beyond the set time. One can join the site through invitation from members or marketing partners.

Shop Beyond the rack


19. LeftLane Sports

Visitors per month: 33,800

Specializes in: Deals in outdoor and action sporting gear, footwear and apparel from top brands around the world.

LeftLane Sports Flash Sale

About: Leftlane Sports exhibits and deals with the most exquisite designs in endurance, outdoor and action sporting gear. I especially like their option to select the best items which are placed on flash sales rather than have an open pool where low quality items may be advertised. I recommend this for any extreme athlete looking for convenience in finding the best items from top brands.

Shop Leftlane Sports

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20. OpenSky

Visitors per month: 22,900

Specializes in: Deals in a variety of goods, including, apparel, accessories, jewelry, kitchen items, electronics, home and beauty among others.

OpenSky Flash Sale

About: Opensky serves as a middleman between the merchant and buyer. It is an ideal place to find the goods that are rare to find since it connects a seller to tens of thousands of sellers. I like its ability to connect me to sellers with products I need in my area, which makes it easier for me to shop.

Shop OpenSky

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21. Lot 18

Visitors per month: 9,800

Specializes in: Deals in wine sale.

Lot 18 Flash Sale

About: This is that site I visit when special occasions are nearby- for their variety in wine. Lot 18 offers exotic wine from different winemakers from around the world. Professional wine tasters working with the company are used to identify unique wines selected from around the world and are offered on the site for a limited duration at great value.

Shop Lot 18


22. Pick Your Plum

Visitors per month: 7,300

Specializes in: Deals with an assortment of goods, including apparels, accessories, electronics and gifts.

Pick your Plum Flash Sale

About: This is an open platform that helps buyers connect with sellers dealing with unique items at exceptional deals. I especially like the unique gift items that are available on the site. The numerous number of deals occurring at a given time is also an advantage which increases the value for money for shoppers.

Shop Pick Your Plum


23. DoggyLoot

Visitors per month: 7,200

Specializes in: Deals in dog products such as chews, toys, treats and many other products.

DoggyLoot Flash Sale

About: This flash site serves dog lovers only! Here, you will find all times that will help your dog have fun, play and be comfortable. With flash sales offered on different items, I recommend the site for all dog keepers out there. You may find items you would never find in your local pet store.

Shop DoggyLoot


24. Shop it to me

Visitors per month: 5,500

Specializes in: Deals in Apparels, footwear and accessories for both men and women.

Shop it to me Flash Sale

About: This site serves the fashion lovers who are keen on the brands they wear and accessorize with. The sites items are arranged in brands, so that a person checks out designs from a particular brand as they wish. I find it efficient for me to check out new brands and see which designers may catch my eye. The wide variety of brands for women’s and men’s apparels and accessories provide unique and cheap place for shopping.

Go to Shop it to me


25. SecretSales

Visitors per month: 4,400

Specializes in: Deals in top designer brands on clothes, accessories, beauty products and home products.

SecretSales Flash Sale

About: SecretSales offers new sales on a daily basis, which last for 4 days. The duration for the sales offer is longer than most other flash sale sites. This is the aspect I find most amazing, as it guarantees continuous deals every day. It is an ideal site for a person to keep constant checks for the offers which range discounts between 30% and 80%

Shop SecretSales




The visitors per month numbers are estimations by semrush.com. I hope this ranking will help you whenever you need to shop to identify the best site to search for a particular product and get the best value for your money. Note that most of these sites deal with specific products which would be helpful in identifying a larger variety of products to choose from.

Do you know some other great flash sale sites? Leave a comment and help others to save even more!


  • Nika

    Great and very useful list! Thanks

    • John Gudzius

      Nika, nice to hear it helped you. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Travis Levell

    A good listing. But I love Groupon, as having its reach in hundred’s of cities around the worlds and a highest discounts in flash sales, even more than 60 % with a large variety to choose products from.

    • John Gudzius

      Travis, thanks for sharing your opinion. Guess it will help others to choose the right flash sale site.

  • Glen Sickemore

    I highly appreciate your hard work for creating this list, that is very useful to those more particularly who are facing problems while selecting shopping sites. It totally clears out my confusion of comparing flash site’s different alternatives and get me to best site.

    • John Gudzius

      Glen, glad you liked it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amanda

    I think this blog is gonna be the best site ever in fashion niche. I haven’t found any site offering high-quality content that you offer. Thanks a lot for sharing it truly added a lot to our knowledge about flash sale’s sites.Many! Many! Thanks for sharing with full justifications.Have a more successful day.

    • John Gudzius

      Amanda, glad you liked it. Couppin definitely is a great channel to get an information about online stores, coupons and other things. Have a nice day too. Thanks! 🙂

      • Colton Agar

        I also agree with a quality of content this website provides. It’s very useful information. Great job, John!

        • John Gudzius

          Thanks, Colton. I am happy you like it!

  • Karen King

    Great article as usual. Groupon is still the best, I wonder what I can do without this awesome company. Thanks for the info.

    • John Gudzius

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad you liked it.

  • Rebecca Sharks

    Zulily is a great place to shop for men, women and even kids clothes and other fashion items!! It’s my number one go-to place when I want to shop for myself, my wife or daughter. I just love their products and prices. I give them 5star rating!

  • Dammy

    Groupon has the best customer service agents in life these options. These people are always ready to satisfy your needs and make you come back for more! I’ve had amazing customer service experience and I can assure you that you will love them.

    • John Gudzius

      Thanks for sharing Dammy! I hope it will help for others.

  • Heather

    Whiskey Militia is now closed. (1/18/18)

    • John Gudzius

      Thanks, Heather. It looks that now it’s working. I’ve changed the name of the store to “Steep & Cheap”.

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