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About Century Martial Arts
With over forty years of selling martial arts equipment sales Century Martial Arts has been run out of a 650,000 square foot complex that includes offices, a warehouse, and manufacturing. Century Martial Arts sells over 11,000 items for general fitness and martial arts gear, uniforms, jewelry and miscellaneous athletic equipment. Use these promo codes to save on many products. Shop Century Martial Arts →
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More About Century Martial Arts

How to Apply Coupon Code?

  1. On our website open a coupon and copy the code.
  2. On Century Martial Arts during the checkout process enter the coupon code in the box like showed bellow.
  3. Click the apply button to use the code.
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Money Saving Tips

  • Savvy shoppers that are looking to save money should keep an eye of for sales and clearance items on the store website.
  • For athletes that need a lot of supplies, uniforms, and accessories it may be worthwhile to apply to the Century Martial Arts Wholesale program.

Main Shipping Options

  • U.S shipping and handling fees are determined by the dollar amount of the order.
  • All order shipped with FedEx.
  • Flat Rate Shipping is applicable on certain items. Check on Century Martial Arts shipping policy page to confirm which items are available for flat rate shipping.
Go to: All Century Martial Arts shipping options 

Main Return Options

  • New unused merchandise may be returned within 30 days from the date it was purchased.
  • Books and DVD’s and clearance items are non-returnable.
  • No returns are accepted after 30 days.
Go to: All Century Martial Arts return options

The Products Store Sells

Training Gear

Century martial Arts offer a wide range of high-quality training gear for the martial arts athlete. Athletes can find everything from shin guards, gloves, head gear, boots, shoes, and training bags.

Uniforms & Belts

Whatever form of martial arts that you practice Century Martial Arts has a uniform and belt for you. Traditional, pullover, sleeveless, or brushed are only a few of the uniform options that are available.


Store had all of the equipment for protection during a sparring session. Don’t hesitate to shop for protective gear such as cup and mouth guards while shopping for protective gear.

Bo’s, Chucks & More

Store has a large collection of Bo staff, nunchaku, sai and other tools for the martial arts. Whether you are a student, teacher, or professional athlete you can find the right tool for you.


Store also offers general fitness equipment that can be used by athletes that don’t practice martial arts such as mats, kettle-bells, and medicine balls. Century offers something for everyone.


When it comes to finding equipment for grappling Century Martial arts has got you covered. You can find everything from grappling dummies, throwing buddies, and a grapple buddy.


After training hard and reaching a new level of excellence martial arts practitioners want to show their achievements and that is accomplished through belts, patches, and medals. Century Martial Arts has what you need.


You’ve committed yourself to practicing martial arts and are interested in more than equipment and uniforms. You can find books about martial arts and jewelry that shows your interest in the sport.

Store Gift Cards

Customers can buy electronic gift cards while shopping on Century Martial Arts website.

Electronic gift cards range in denomination starting at $25 and go all the way up to $500 dollars.

Electronic gift cards are the perfect gift for a martial arts athlete. It lets them buy exactly what they need.

Store Social Media

Store uses all of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus to communicate interesting news about the sport. You can find promo codes for certain items during holidays or special occasions and save money on equipment.