11 Best Undershirts For Men 2018: A List With Prices, Pros And Cons

by John Gudzius Last updated April 18, 2018
Best Undershirts For Men

We all know how difficult it is for men to select an outstanding undershirt brand which both comes in as pocket-friendly and also fits nicely to our body.

Making your choice of undershirts can be tricky. And it sure took me some time to make this list because I needed to experience it all before recommending.

A good dress sense is not only known in winter but also in summer. During the heat of any summer period, an excellent undershirt is the very first line of protection against sweat and it stains. It can also be your last resort because it allows you to off your clothes should things get out of hand (as in real hot). And while this may seem like a paradox, wearing an undershirt will keep you cool.

This thin layer of cotton absorbs and expels sweat from the skin, which helps regulate your body temperature. But of all the choices in the market, which one is right for you? It all depends on your preferences and of course your budget.

And so in this post, you will not only get the brands of the best undershirts for men, but you will also get their pricing and why you should choose them. It is a fact that every great thing has one or two cons too, so I will also list the cons to each choice too.


11 Best Men’s Undershirts


1. Uniqlo AIRism V-Neck Shirt


This has amazing pros, it has a classic look, it has a design that’s tight, and it has also got a sleek feel, it’s a moisture-wicking fabric which has a good selection of colors & prevents odors, the V design is also a plus, it is also inexpensive and refreshing.


Not suitable to be worn as an outwear, it is also not the most durable shirt.

Uniqlo Airism V-Neck Shirt

Comfort: If you desire a shirt to keep you cool and refreshing on hot days, you’ll love this shirt. The production fabric is incredibly soft; it is both comfortable and lightweight. It has a silky feel on the body and you can’t but love the comfort of the material.

For folks who perspire a lot, this is an excellent choice. The fabric is designed to expel moisture from your body, keeping it fresh and pleasant. It’s Antimicrobial function also reduces odor. It holds the sweet scent of your cologne and deodorant without giving body odor a chance to thrive.

Fit: The V-neck of this design is elegantly stylish and deep. Thanks to the wide range of colors (blue, black, gray and white) this design can be used with any clothing.

Price: A T-shirt for Less than $4, this is one of the most affordable options on our list. Although not too durable, it is a great choice if a style is your priority.

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2. Hanes Men’s Classics 6 Pack


Durable cotton, thick, safe for the washing machine, fit, comfortable outerwear, remains hidden throughout the day (tucked in), flat collar, soft, no-bulge sleeves.


Simple and not the most elegant of designs.

Hanes Mens Classics 6 Pack

Comfort: If you love having your undershirts on around your house while involved in any activity, either fishing, picking butterflies, or even the office, then this is made for you. When I consider its 100% cotton which is very thick and sturdy, it feels just like an outer shirt. Although I find it a bit heavier than expected, I think that makes it a great fit when I want a great undershirt for my white wears to suit my style. It is also adaptable.

Fit: one thing about this design is that it is thinner, but not so tight that the heaviest men will not be comfortable. I like that this shirt does not give in to tension, sag or stretch, I also think its ability to withstand tedious daily activity is good. I also admire the odor removal technology which helps to avoid smell resulting from sweat.

Price: $18 for a pack of 6 undershirts is a great choice. They are both long lasting and also durable. They can also adapt to any of your styles.

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3. Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt


I see the underarm pad to protect from sweat as a huge plus to this undershirt. It has both 90% cotton and 10% polyester, which is not just durable, but also comfortable and a lightweight shirt. Without a doubt, I think everyone will love that fact that it is made in the USA, and has a versatile cut. It has a round crew neck also.


I feel this is a lightweight design, for those who use bleach, this material might easily be damaged, and it is expensive too.

Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt

Comfort: Trust me, there is a lot you will love about this undershirt. To start with, consider the fact it has a sweat resistant pad which helps prevent sweat from passing through.

If you find that you are a heavy sweater, this is for you. Considering that it is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, I couldn’t but love this. ! First, it is a durable fabric that avoids sweat. Also, I like the fact that it is highly durable.

The shirt cannot be whitened with any bleaching agent (even white color), but you’ll be surprised to find it becomes really clean with a single wash. The flat grill and wide sleeves make it an excellent choice for use under the most professional clothes.

Fit: The material is nicely light and soft, some people even complain it is too light, but It’s just ok for me. And I find the size is good for most body types. It is also a great choice for everybody who sweats much.

Price: A $27 shirt is one of the most expensive options based on our list. However, it is very good for those who sweat a lot and want to wear something under their clothes during business hours; the only let down is the high price.

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4. 2(x)ist Men’s 2 Pack Square Cut Tank Top


It is completely made of 100% cotton. Made with exotic materials and suitable for the washing machine.


It comes in quite a few colors limiting selection choices.

2(x)ist Men's 2 Pack Square Cut Tank Top

Comfort: This sleeveless T-shirt is one of the best around. When I consider that it is made of 100% cotton, I admire it, even more, hence I admit its strength to withstand tension. Also, when I probed the review for this undershirt, I found it has very good customer reviews. In addition to the fact that it’s an imported product, its quality and comfort of use every day is entirely satisfactory

You can look so beautiful in your usual dress, but it does not mean you’re comfortable with yourself when you go out. Therefore, what you need is one of these high-quality shirts. If you go to an interview for a job or part of these shirts, believe in yourself.

Fit: The 100% cotton used in the product is amazing. Making it fit well on your skin. It’s sleeveless makes it an easy wear if you want to wear it around the house.

Price: At $19- $36, the makers offered the customers options, however, for $36 the undershirt is one of the most expensive options based on our list. But considering the quality of the fabric, it is very good for those who sweat a lot.

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5. Alternative Apparel Boss V-Neck


This product has a Soft and elegant look. It has a low neck, and a great choice to wear as an under dress shirts, it is made of Peruvian Pima cotton, thin, fits good, has a cut that’s stylish, depending on choice, this can be worn either tucked in or not.


It is quite expensive, and not very suitable as an outer shirt.

Alternative Apparel Boss V-Neck

Comfort: If you need an undershirt that is made for maximum comfort and pleasure, you will love this shirt. Composed of 12% rayon, 50% polyester, and 38% Peruvian Pima cotton that’s natural. Although, the Cotton is organic the other materials are recycled, making it a fairly environmentally friendly shirt.

The blend of polyester and rayon made it a light shirt with just the right amount of elasticity to be comfortable. The material is very soft to the touch.

Fit: The shirt is slim and fit, but not tight or too loose. The slim neck is easily hidden under any polo shirt, T-shirts or even formal shirts. Being a long design shows it was made to be worn either tucked or untucked. Unfortunately, it is not as thick material to be an outer shirt, but then, it is one of the most comfortable undershirts I have found find.

Price: Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive undergarments on our list, at just under $ 30 for just one undershirt. If one can afford this for special occasions, then it’s great. Otherwise, it’s certainly not an economical choice.

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6. Men’s Fruit Loom Team T-Shirt Short Sleeve


Being 100% cotton, it can be worn as an outer-shirt. It also expels my sweat fairly well.


To get the best quality, you have to pay a little more. That are quite similar to the other similar brand above.

Men’s Fruit Loom Team T-Shirt Short Sleeve

Comfort: This is yet another option made available by the Fruit of the Loom men’s undershirt line. This shirt is made of 100% cotton, and it is complete quality. I found this shirt long enough to stay comfortably in my pants. Surely, the whole underwear is done well, and there is no doubt that this shirt gives you the most relaxing feel when worn.

The 100% cotton material made it really soft. It has a good feel also, this undershirt will feel a lot more airy, since it will fit on you and would not flow as some undershirts would.

Fit: There is one thing I particularly like about this design, this is that it is thinner, but not so tight that the heaviest men will not be comfortable in it. I was skeptical if it would give into Tension, but this shirt does not give in to tension, neither does it sag or stretch, I also think its ability to withstand tedious daily activity is good

Price: $2.26 – $ 70. This gives, even more, options as prospective customers like me were afforded the opportunity to choose according to my budget.

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7. Calvin Klein cotton shirt 3-pack


The size is just what it is, hardly ever sags or slacks, I found the fabric to be made of 100% cotton, which means even more comfort. It is easily adaptable, as it takes my size and shape, and returns to its original size when not worn (it is elastic)


It is not the cheapest choice in the market. There are more options given that price and almost similar value.

Calvin Klein cotton shirt 3-pack

Comfort: The material is 100% cotton is incredibly soft. I have discussed many undershirts, and Calvin Klein undershirt is quite different from them all. First off, this undershirt is 100% cotton, and because it has been preshrunk, you should not have the issue of upsizing during checkout. Also, this undershirt will feel a lot more airy, since it will drape on you instead of flowing as some undershirts would. Being a 100% cotton fabric, it is very soft and conforms to the quality expected of a Calvin Klein product.

Fit: This undershirt comes in part of a pack of three, which include white, gray and black colors. This I have found helps me make a better choice depending on what my outer shirt option will. A 100% cotton fabric from Calvin Klein which fits my body is almost priceless.

Price: Calvin Klein has had a reputation for quality over the years, so at $ 39 you are very sure of what you are paying for, but this is not the best for those on a budget. But this could be an excellent choice given that there are three in a pack.

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8. Lacoste Men’s 3-Pack Essentials Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt


It is made of 100% Cotton (Supima cotton) It’s of exotic made. It allows Machine wash and there are Three V-shirts. in the pack.


It is quite expensive at $27, and not very suitable as an outer shirt for its value. It comes in quite a few colors limiting selection choices.

Lacoste Men's 3-Pack Essentials Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt

Comfort: The Essential 3-Pack Cotton which is a V-neck T-Shirt from Lacoste is one of the few t-shirts of the highest quality in the market. It is was designed to provide the highest level of comfort for your skin. Its design is greater than most of those in the market due to its classic approach and longevity. It comes in three variant colors: white, black, and gray for you to make your choice.

Fit: This undershirt comes in part of a pack of three, which include white, gray and black colors. This surely helped me when I had a decision to make depending on what my outer shirt option will be. It also has a nice blend of synthetic and organic fabric which helps it fit the body well.

Price: It comes in a quite expensive range, between $ 27 – $ 42.

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9. Everlane V-neck Undershirt


A major and huge advantage which is a selling point as far as this shirt is concerned is not just the quality of the material, but the colors also available. Everlane made this shirt come in whopping nine different colors – so I did not have any issue mixing and matching them with my shirt. Lest I forget, It comes at an amazingly competitive price too.


For the price, I feel this is a little too lightweight design, I am unable to use bleach, because the material is easily damaged, I would have loved more at this price.

Everlane V-neck undershirt

Comfort: This is a departure from the usual world of men’s fashion undershirts. It comes at an incredibly affordable price too. As a matter of fact, when I checked out their product page, I was amazed how open they were as regards their prices – I think it’s very cool! Just like the Lacoste undershirt I reviewed, the Everlane undershirt is made with 100% cotton Supima. Therefore, I expected it would be incredibly soft and resistant and durable, and of course, it was.

Fit: Although the material will not be so fitting, because it does not include all types of synthetic fibers, it is both air permeable and also able to absorb every moisture before it makes its way to your beautiful shirt. It has quite a moderate V neck depth and should therefore also be a relatively versatile shirt.

Price: At $15, I don’t think you need or can have a better deal.

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10. Esteem Apparel Compression Shirt


Helps in hiding extra fat, nice price for its quality and made of good materials too.


It has a large size, and the big seams are visible through the shirt.

Esteem Apparel Compression Shirt

Comfort: The slim fit nature of the shirt can help put one in a better posture, and also encourage a nice back support. I found it comfortable to wear and also to off too, without the struggles associated with other similar products.

I love it breathable nature and lightness too. I had no problem using it at the gym, and it has a nice way of displacing sweat. I won’t forget to add that it does not shrink as a result of being washed.

Fit: Being a very self-conscious person, I also recommend this undershirt for anybody like me., this is the undershirt for you if you like style and elegance. It is designed to compress and lift the chest, (extra fat on the chest). It’s also nice gym clothing.

Price: A shirt for $29, which is without doubt one of the pricier of our list of undershirts. However, if you want to hide your extra tummy fat, this one is for you.

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11. Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack


I have found this to be the lowest price of undershirts. Its practical and adaptable remains tucked throughout the day, the length is great, soft neck, flat, and very comfortable.


It is easily sagged or stretch within a short time of use using.

Fruit of the Loom Men's 6-Pack

Comfort: I simply picked these when I wanted a set of cheap undershirts, if you need a cheaper underdress, you will find nothing less than Fruit of the Loom. The brand is available in almost everywhere quality stuff are sold. So you do not have to try hard to find a replacement when the material wears out (which will surely happen after only a few months). They are comfortable and easy to wear.

Fit: This cut is generic enough, and is surely not the most of the elegant shirts. It is a good shirt to wear under work clothes. The best of its features is that it remains tucked in throughout the day, no matter how I move.

Price: This undershirt is the lowest priced, $14 for a pack of six is too good an offer. Although the Fabric is lacking in durability, which will need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Shop Fruit of the Loom


This is our amazing list of 11 best men’s undershirts, feel free to make your choice, these are amazing picks.


  • Wazza

    I totally agree with you that Its’ too hard to choose T-shirt brand for men, as love Hane’s Men Classic Black T-Shirt that you mentioned. Its too cool and have a classy look at an affordable price. Thanks for sharing.

    • John Gudzius

      You’re more than welcome! 🙂

  • David

    Great listing, I especially liked your presentation providing images and its pros & cons. It solved my problem selection T-shirts. Really appreciate it!

    • John Gudzius

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad you liked it.

  • Mitchelle

    I’ve used Hanes Men’s Classics and I loved it. It’s perfect for outdoors too and that is a good reason why I like it. It’s durable, quite easy to wash, not itchy and not heavy. I recommend it to everyone.

  • Alfie Chess

    This Alternative Apparel Boss V-Neck is the best choice of undershirt I’ve made! It’s cool, comfortable and light. It’s cotton and polyester material just made it a better fit! Plus it’s worth every dime spent.

  • Philberta

    I’m grateful for dropping an honest review about these undershirts. I really don’t care about the reviews though, as I just go out for shopping and get my undershirts. Thanks for the reviews.

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