12 Online Shopping Apps Like Wish 2018 (Listed In Popularity)

by John Gudzius Last updated April 18, 2018
Shopping apps like Wish

Online shopping is currently the ideal method to get goods and services for its many advantages.

Additionally, now you can do your shopping directly from your smartphone or tablet.

As a fashion and shopping junkie, I keep checking out the latest apps for the great deals on the products as well as the variety.

On this post you will find the most popular shopping apps like wish that offer online shopping services on a variety of items. Millions of users use these apps to shop every month.

Many of websites listed bellow offer flash sale deals for variety of products you can choose from.

Did not use Wish apps yet? You should!

According to statistics from semrush.com and ahref.com websites, Wish.com remains to be the most popular shopping app with the biggest number of users, monthly.

So, keep reading… and know more about Wish apps…



Visitors per month: 7,100,000

Specializing in: A variety of products, including men and women’s fashion, electronics, house equipment and many others.

Wish apps

About: Wish.com app is a parent app that connects merchants to buyers from all parts of the world. This parent app for wish is supported by other apps which are specialized in terms of the target market and the category of product that one is dealing, whether a seller or a buyer. Each app and its specializations are discussed below.

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Visitors per month: 540,000

Specializing in: Electrical devices and gadgets such as headphones, speakers, flash drives phones etc.

Geek apps

About: Geek is a subdomain of wish app that deals in all types of electronics. These unbranded electronics offer great value for money compared to those from the usual brands. The prices offer between 50% to 70% discounts compared to the named brands.

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Visitors per month: 94,000

Specializing in: Home equipment such as kitchen items, décor, bathroom products, accessories such as clocks, rugs, sheets and curtains etc.

Home apps

About: This subdomain serves the customers looking for home or housing items. I am always amazed by the variety of products that they you find. Designs from all around the world to choose from, giving you great ideas depending on the theme you choose.

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Visitors per month: 62,000

Specializing in: Cosmetic and beauty products such as makeup, hair, nails, lipstick etc.

Cute apps

About: This is the go-to site for anybody looking for products that would be ideal for their look. The site connects buyers to products from all parts of the world, which makes it ideal to search for solutions to flaws and how to enhance my appearance. Additionally, with the understanding of beauty and skin complexion among different cultures also allows one to choose their favorite look, which works for them at good prices.

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Visitors per month: 58,000

Specializing in: Maternity products, babies’ fashion and accessories.

Mama apps

About: The mama sub-domain serves the expecting parents or those with toddlers. It is a great shopping center especially in such a period when a mother needs to purchase new clothes that fit, numerous baby products that need to be bought in preparation for the newborn. However, it is important to note that these products are not of known brands hence you need to be careful in checking their safety before use especially the baby products.

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12 Online apps like Wish

1. AliExpress

Visitors per month: 51,000,000

Specializes in: Deals in men’s and women’s clothing, electronics, home and garden items, automobiles, sporting and outdoor gear, health and beauty products, etc.

AliExpress apps

About: AliExpress is a site that acts as a link between sellers and buyers. Dealing in all types of products, it is a great place to do shopping for variety of products at competitive prices. AlieXpress gains competitive advantage by its ability for buyers to certify the reliability of the merchants and the quality of products through ratings and feedback from previous buyers.

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2. Overstock

Visitors per Month: 26,000,000

Specializes in: Deals in an array of products, including, clothing and accessories, electronics and electrical tools, home appliances and equipment, automobile, and many other products.

Overstock apps

About: This shopping app is the middleman between buyers to merchants and entrepreneurs from across the world. Online shopping is usually made difficult by the exchange rates between the different currencies. However, as the site offers payment in currencies from all across the world, it is convenient to buy and sell from anywhere in the world.

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3. GearBest

Visitors per Month: 4,200,000

Specializes in: Deals in electrical appliances and tools, fashion apparel, home appliances and garden items, health and beauty products, toys, sporting gear, warehouses and many other products.

GearBest apps

About: Gearbest app is a unique online shopping app that offers products for business and individuals as well. Merchants can benefit majorly from the warehouses section which helps one to find storage facilities for their products. Additionally, the app also offers flash sale deals every day for different goods.  Gearbest app has a blend of popular and rare brands on all product lines.

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4. DealeXtreme

Visitors per month: 3,100,000

Coupons: View coupons for DealeXtreme

Specializes in: Deals in consumer electronics, networking and communication devices, automobile accessories, toys, home and office products, apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, etc.

DealeXtreme apps

About: The deal extreme app is a shopping app that aims at providing goods and services at the lowest prices possible. Memebers are rewarded with 3 dollar gift cards every month to boost their shopping cart. The site offers flash sale deals that include time-limited free shipping offers for selected products.

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5. Light in the Box

Visitors per month: 3,000,000

Specializes in: Deals in weddings and events products, fashion and clothing, electronics and accessories, home and garden products, shoes and bags, and many other product lines.

Light In The Box apps

About: Lightinthebox.com is an online retailer that delivers goods around the world. The app offers goods in three main categories, including apparel, small accessories and gadgets and home and garden. It has a simple outlook that is easy to use for identification of the hottest deals for each category. Lightinthehouse.com also has other domains offering the same services, including miniinthelight.com.

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6. Zulily

Visitors per month: 3,000,000

Coupons: View coupons for Zulily

Specializes in: Deals in fashion apparel and accessories for men, women and children.

Zulily apps

About: Zulily.com is one of the most common shopping sites for members only. Offering daily flash sale deals that are time limited, the Zulily app is widely used by numerous buyers who would like to search for the great deals. The app offers a great variety in fashion attire and accessories hence, using the flash sale deals a user is able to keep their wardrobe up-to-date with little expenditure.

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7. Banggood

Visitors per month: 2,200,000

Specializes in: Deals in over 70,000 products in the categories of apple accessories, cell phones, electronics, RC toys, LED lights, Clothing and beauty.

Banggood apps

About: This is the ideal app for those shopping for product made in China. It has 4 offices across China where all products’ quality control and packaging is done. I like using the app to find original and unique brands that offer high quality products at affordable rates. The numerous electronic devices and accessories are my favorite checks in the app.

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8. SammyDress

Visitors per month: 1,400,000

Coupons: View coupons for SammyDress

Specializes in: Deals in fashion wear and accessories for men, women and kids as well as home and garden products.

Sammydress apps

About: SammyDress is one of my favorite fashion shopping sites. The site boasts of a large catalogue that is updated on a daily basis to keep up with the trends. These fashion trends are offered at factory direct prices, which makes it extremely cheap compared to other retail stores. It is a unique solution in that you do not need to wait for a flash sale on an item you need; rather, all products are at low prices.

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9. Wanelo

Visitors per month: 271,000

Specializes in: Deals in fashion wear and accessories as well as home and garden products.

Wanelo apps

About: Wanelo is derived from three words, wah-nee-loh, meaning want, need love. The site was started to operate as an online shopping mall. Hence, the site allows stores to open and sell their products on the platform. Currently, there are over 550,000 stores selling on Wanelo, including the top brands in fashion as well as the upcoming designs from designers all around the world.

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10. Hollar

Visitors per month: 27,000

Coupons: View coupons for Hollar

Specializes in: Deals in a wide variety of products, including, kids toys and fashion, home and garden products, fashion, tech and home and office category.

Hollar apps

About: Hollar is the hub that provides all sorts of items that you need for both the home, personal use and office. The site has great deals on offer, with a link to one dollar store where all kinds of goods go for a dollar. This store is ideal for items that you need but may not know where to find them.

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11. Keep

Visitors per month: 27,000

Specializes in: Deals in home décor, women’s fashion apparel and accessories.

Keep apps

About: Keep shopping is an app that is meant to serve the men and women seeking for style and glamour from unique fashion items. The site brings together designs for home décor and attire from across the world. Based in New York, it provides a hub for the users to shop on an array of products to suit their style or change it.

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12. YoShop

Visitors per month: 3,700

Coupons: View coupons for YoShop

Specializes in: Deals in a wide variety of products including clothing and accessories, home use products, electronics, jewelry, lighting and many other products.

YoShop apps

About: YoShop is an upcoming e-commerce site that retails products at very low prices. The site is unique in that it offers free shipping across the world. This is an advantage for the buyers who are able to get products from any part of the world with the same convenience that they get the same from local stores.

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I believe this article will help you to decide which apps to use depending on your needs to identify the best sites to search for a particular product and get the best value for your money.

Do you know some other great shopping apps like wish? Leave a comment and help others to save even more!


  • gabriela campos

    I love to shop on wish! I usually order tech products from it and the quality is outstanding. It usually delivers within 3 days. I got a lot of knowledge about shopping sites from your articles and listing. Thanks for spending your precious time writing this for us.

    • John Gudzius

      Gabriela, thanks for the feedback!

  • Valentine

    Dealextreme is the best shopping site and I experienced some deals like never before. They awards there members $3 / Monthly, even if you do not buy anything. Great Site!

    • John Gudzius

      Valentine, glad you liked it. Thanks for sharing!

  • David

    I really appreciate you to share this with us.That’s too great experience to order from wish, as they divided their sites to different subcategories which makes easier for the users to find products more easily and relevantly 🙂

    • John Gudzius

      David, glad you liked it. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

  • Karen

    WISH is my favorite, they have amazing range of tech gadgets and their delivery is so smooth and fast. Thanks for the educative article anyway.

    • John Gudzius

      Karen, glad you liked it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jessica G

    Thank you for taking time to research and share the results. I have only shopped WISH so far. I have been wanting to branch out but to scared to get into something that was a scam or a waist of time. So THANKS again.!!!

    • John Gudzius

      Jessica, I am happy you liked it. Many people like and trust these sites, so I hope you will like them as well. Thanks!

  • Ajas

    Gearbest shopping app is the best I’ve come across! The app is so easy to navigate and I don’t waste much time searching for items I want because they are grouped into categories! They have cool options too are always out to satisfy customers very fast!

  • Gabriella

    Amazing choice of apps. I’ve been using a handful of these apps and they are very good. I love the easy navigation and clear and user-friendly menus. Trust me, you’ll love any of them you pick!

  • Elena Jones

    AliExpress seems to be my favorite app. I use the app to shop for whatever I want without any issues and AliExpress itself offers quality products at a very cheap rate and that’s exactly why I shop using their app

  • Lucy J. Yang

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge on 12 online shopping sites like the wish. To my knowledge, there have many more online shopping sites. I am sharing top 16 online shopping sites like the wish. To know the details about more online shopping sites visit https://layerpoint.com/online-shopping-sites-like-wish/

  • Honestly Annabelle

    Agh stop with the circle jerk of affiliate links guys. Come on let’s get some real honest writing here… if that’s even possible these days.

    I’m not getting paid for this but I’m saying it cause I’m honest, and Wish.com is really getting shadier and shadier. Try Joom.com They have the exact same stuff as wish- and better prices that are stable. Sellers are not shady. Made an order, so for so good. Honest shopping experience. Only differences: they have no express shipping options, they have a harder to navigate website and app. No coupons or promos but you honestly are better off without them. cause the prices are good ennough. I learned from WIsh that promos are nothing but trouble, nothing but a rope to get you in to make a purchase.

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